Why is Salvation so important to us that we share the love of Jesus Christ and our Christian beliefs with everyone we meet?  Here it is in a nut shell, it is not because we are mean, but because we love everyone. Everyone will go to hell (A place where God is not, and hang out with those who like Satan). We know Christ has the keys to hell, can allow you to fall in, or he can lock you out. It is what you do with your knowledge of him that determines his actions. If you don’t know Christ you will not know to ask him to save you from such a terrible fate.

Saying Christians are mean for delivering this message  is like saying a mother is mean for telling her child not to run out in front of trucks on the freeway. We Christians tell people of the impending danger because we want to spend eternity with all human kind. Our love for others, and God’s command to spread his message are the reason. Christians work so hard to make sure everyone has heard about Christ, even if our lives are payment. All need to know about Christs great offer of hope for all.  There are no other reasons for our message, and we are sworn to force no one to accept it. Only you can decide if Christ is real, and if you are willing to give your all for him.

Athena my wife and I are a product of the ever failing public school system, that obviously is not doing a perfect job of teaching science or we would know that we are living a fairy tale. Should the public school system have been doing its job correctly, we would not have religious convictions. We would instead be bound by mans interpretation of the laws of science, and looking to the Government for our sustenance. We do not buy the big bang theory of our friend Steven Hawking(of whom I admire greatly for his intellect and tenacity). Nor is the primordial soup fed to us in fourth grade appetizing. Though interesting we needed something more and decided to research our origins for our selves.

Everywhere we look, we find things in common with all successful nations of order, they all have or have had, a primary religion in their culture, and they all pray. We notice those who deny God often only pray in adversity, make empty promises “if just only Lord”. It seems all man kind is looking to something greater than himself, some are peering into the galaxies looking for the aliens of superior intelligence. Some are looking to ghosts from beyond the grave who may see through the dimensions. Others look to dynamo’s among men such as David Koreish, Buddha, Roman deme gods, or Presidents. Man will look to any one who might have the magic words to make the world a better place, especially if its a better place for them. Seems even in the United States people prove this by voting to benefit their wallet..

With our innate desires in mind, it was time to explore religions, some from the east some from the west. People show up at my house riding bikes and dressed in suits and ties, they tell me about a savior and how I can eventually become a God (Not that being a God would not totally turn me on). Others show up at the door offering me pamphlets “The Watch Tower” and a little book called the great Teacher. So I read all their books, but feel there must be something more.

I took the time to look at world history in college,  then took the time to look at western history, enrolled in Christian schools, and toured the United States. I discovered that where I live, God is a mythical notion, a word to use as a part of speech, or a being to be despised.  When a crises arises, these same people call someone who says they are a christian,  “we are in trouble please ask God to help us;  figuring the Christian probably has a direct line to God. When the trouble passes, they call their Christian friends crazy because they believe in the unseen, and live by strange laws; such as waiting to have sex until married, giving to the poor, and promoting the slogan “Adam and Eve, Not Adam and Steve”.

Our travels revealed to me, that folks living in the central to Northern portions of the left coast are those who are militant against Christ, the rest of the Nation either loves Christ, are Cool on Christ, or have no real opinion. Larger cities who are wholly dependent on the government for their needs tend to shun God, as they need nothing, and morality will only cramp their life styles.

I chose the Holy Bible as my guide, and Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Our  travels and study of History have made my faith in this book and its author stronger.  I am sure that someday the Bible will be totally obscured by science, and “Reason”. Science and reason have sought to destroy the biblical truth since the fall of man. Remember, science and reason are based only on what man is able to see.

Can you remember some of the ideas you had about things around you when you were a kid?  Think about some of the interesting ideas your kids have to say. These memories make it easy to see how popular ideas, but equally wrong inferences, can be made from tangible evidence based on today’s limited facts.   That being said what does the Bible offer?

The Bible gives us the Readers Digest version of world history up to about 70AD and tells us:

  • All things are created by our Father God, and his Son Jesus Christ.
  • God created the earth in 6 literal days where everything was spoken into existence and each day was marked by a sunrise and a sunset as it is written in the book of Genesis is the Bible.
  •  Adam and Eve fell prey to original sin. Each subsequent generation of people are genetically disposed to evil and all have transgressed the law of God, and are subject to the penalty of breaking Gods law. (Eternal Death).
  • We believe that Jesus (Christ) aka God’s Son has made payment for the sins of all mankind and we can choose to be with God and Christ and reap the benefit of a fully paid debt, or we can decide that since sin is ours, we should pay the debt our selves.
  • Payment for that debt(Sin) is eternal death that occurs after a great resurrection of all man kind at the end of time. (All we have to do is believe in Christ, share his testimony in John 3:16, and live according to what is right by him and we will have eternal life . Jesus is our hope and rest. Some say Christians are mean because we tell them of the fact that they will go to hell and hang out with Satan,  if they do not love Christ. That is like saying a mother is mean telling her child not to run out in front of trucks on the freeway. We Christians tell people of the impending danger because we want to spend eternity with them. There is no other reason for our message.

 Note: The earth has experienced one end of time at the flood where all Mankind except Noah and his family were wiped out. There will be a second end time where all men will be resurrected and their decision to live with Christ or die without Christ will be ratified.  Our family has chosen to live with and live for Christ, we do believe hell is real and should be avoided.

Christian Beliefs – What do We believe about God:

1. God made us, God loves us, is Just, but God is merciful. (Like a good Parent)

2. God gives us an invitation to live with him for eternity, but we have responsibilities as his children. Just as we had responsibilities in our homes when we were kids. If we love God enough to strive to meet those responsibilities we get to partake of his gift, if not, he cannot allow us to partake of his gift as we would belittle what he has done. If we do not meet our responsibilities to God but do our own thing instead, we are rejecting Gods gift. Gods gift of salvation can be ours at any time if we want to conform to his requirements. We do not do our works to be saved, Christ took care of that, we do what we do as Christians, because we are saved.

3. We have Responsibilities to the family of God, Keep the 10 commandments in Exodus 20. The first 4 teach us how to relate to God, the last 6 teach us how to relate to each other. The United States Constitution, and the law of our land are based on the 10 commandments. James Madison proclaimed this fact directly. Our responsibility does not end at commandment keeping. Commandment keeping is only an outline of how to love God. The bible says to be saved, we must love God and keep his commandment. God further commands us to feed those who can’t feed them selves,  he commands us to spread the gospel to all mankind and to treat all with love and respect. We have a responsibility to serve God, to serve our country, and to serve one another. By serving one another and serving out country we are serving God.

Our country worry’s me,  Christians for far too long have been letting the courts mis-represent the term “separation of church and state” as mentioned by Thomas Jefferson. This statement was made in a letter to a Baptist minister who was afraid the new government would shut his church down. Jefferson was affirming that the government would never mandate a religion, not that religion would be separated from the government. We have teachers being arrested in California merely for attending church as a public employee, prayer not being allowed by students in school, and religious land marks being forced from the public square. Please if you believe in Christ, take the time to learn who wrote our constitution, wrote your bill of rights, and learn who it is you are voting for.

Protect our right to be Christians and retain the rights we have had since our founding fathers put together the constitution of the United States. Many men paid with their lives for the rights we as Christians have taken for granted. Our foolish misunderstanding of Separation of church and state left us unprotected because we stayed out of government. 95% of our founders were Christians and they created our government, I would guess they would want Christians to participate in our government. Pastors need to stop protecting their tax-free status. We all need to vote in a  government that understands Christian rights, and the matters of free  conscience need to be protected.

God is coming back someday to offer you the peace you have been seeking, are you going take him up on eternity with him?   If you’re not interested in finding peace, and place where you no longer have to say good-bye to the ones you love, just go your own way!  God does not force you to be his friend. Life is too short to spend worrying about your maker, and to waste reading the owner’s manual he wrote on human machine.  Owners Manual.  If you don’t want anything to do with God, you can just Go To Hell!  He will be disappointed, but not surprised. Christ offers his love to all, but he does believe in personal freedom and will not impose on it.

Christianity, is being marginalized and moved to the sidelines.

There is a rampant notion going through our current society stating that because of Separation  of Church and State, Christians are to their beliefs in their homes.  We signed a Trade treaty in the UN which has some basic human rights statements that essentially write Christians out of society. When a friend told me I needed to leave my Christian beliefs out when voting, and other friends began attacking the notion of  how our country was founded. I became frustrated and started doing some research on how our nation came to be, and  how it drifted so far from its roots. Much to my surprise the nation was drifting ever so slowly in the late 1800′s but in the last 30 years we have put our separation from our foundation in maximum over drive. The documentation of what happens starts out slow, as there are lots of detailed history, but becomes more fun to read once the foundation is laid. We need to wake Christians up and start a revival. I want non Christians to know we love them, but we are not able to give on some issues, they need to know why.

Executive Summary:

Darin attended Several public schools, and at least as many  Bible based High schools in the United States and Canada. Majored in Theology at Walla Walla College in College Place, Washington; and  eventually completed a degree in Law Enforcement and computer science. Athena is certified in ASL and had been a Christian all her life.  After 20 years marriage, and seeing the work of God in our  lives. Seeing prophesy unfold in the United States makes our commitment to the biblical standard stronger each and every day.  We believe more firmly that we were created by Jesus Christ, and that our family and our Nation is a gift from God, and to that end we worship him and have a duty to serve him. Currently we are traveling to country trying to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to every corner of this great nation.