Port Orford Oregon – June 22, 2010

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posted Jun 22, 2010 6:22 PM by Athena Pantekoek

Another long and beautiful day on the southern half of the Oregon Coast. We started our day in Port Orford Oregon, 26 miles south of Bandon Oregon. We saw the fog over the ocean blanketing the rocks towering from the sea. Down on the beach we saw and attempted to photo graph some birds nesting on the side of a large rock. The birds have built nests of mud in the shape of small cones. When we attempted to get close they would drive us out by dive bombing us with their fecal ammo. I was in good shape though, I had my storm fit all weather gear.

Later in the afternoon we stopped at cape Blanco and visited the lighthouse. I took this picture standing by the gift shop. Athena and the girls walked to the top of the light house while I stayed and visited with the staff. I learned that Cape Blanco is Oregon’s furthest west light house, was managed by Mr. Langolis for forty years. I also learned that Brooking oregon was bombed in WW2 by a Japanese pilot who later came and visited the city in the 90′s. He donated his Samurai sword that he had in the plane with him to the city. The city also allowed him to place a redwood tree in the blast site. He apologized for his work in the war and help Brookings children to see Japan in order to unite our cultures

The final stop of the day was Bandon Old town where we saw the fishing boats and the shops. Here we learned the evacuation strategy for title waves. The strategy is simple and easy to remember. “RUN LIKE HELL!!”

We learned a considerable amount today. We also learned that Oregon is desperate for state park volunteers this year. Plunging 401K’s and high fuel prices have caused most of the retired RV owners not to travel this year and as a result, the parks are short handed.

That’s All Folks!!