Hay Stack Rock Pacific City Oregon – June 30, 2010

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June 30, 2010 – Hay Stack Rock Pacific City Oregon

Another quiet day in Pacific City, Athena and I are not fond of crowds, so we stayed off the main beach and placed our selves at Straub State Park. The beach was quiet, but the ocean was a bit loud as it was bashed against the sandy beach by the cool summer breeze. Ok, enough of that writing language onto the meat of the day. The weather was 20 degrees warmer and the skies were 100 percent bluer than the weatherman predicted. On days like this, I love it when the weatherman our favorite superhero is just dead wrong.

Sarah made supper today, we had chicken. macaroni and cheese, and broccoli. Sarah did not like dinner as we only had Kraft macaroni and Cheese; she only likes Flavorite brand. Personally I find eating cardboard a bit more delicious than Flavorite brand, but I guess I am not the connoisseur of Macaroni and Cheese. “Connoisseur” – what kind of word is that! It has too many useless letters, I think I will blame the French!!! Hey California! You’re off the hook today.

Later I took my second bike ride of the trip, it was nice, but it hurt. This exorcising thing is highly over rated, but it pays.

Well  that is all Pacific City has for you today. Have a good night and think about God’s wonderful creations.