Hanging out at the camp site July 4th

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July 4, 2010 – Hanging out at the camp site

posted Jul 4, 2010 7:16 PM by Athena Pantekoek

Doing my duty as an American citizen today and BBQ hamburger for the fourth of July.  We cleaned the motor home it was getting a little messy from running in and out lately. I was reading about the goals of developing a great character today. Seems we all fall short, but it is a lifetime of work and commitment. Everything in life appears to be at best case a product of what we put into it. Great character is not about being a genius, a great speaker, wealthy or debonair. Character is ultimate love, humility, kindness, self restraint, honesty and a life work devoted to the bettering of all man kind in the eyes of our maker by becoming more like him each and every day. Our character is the only thing in our lifetime that we can build and take with us when we are done here in this life.

On a lighter note, the weatherman missed again, predicted 70 and clear, it is about 65, and we are blanketed in dark clouds. Other than the low pressure system sending the smoke from the BBQ straight to the ground, the weather is just pleasant as can be, and the hamburgers were well flavored by the lingering smoke.

Athena and the kids went to the pool, had a good time there, came back had Bible study in the book of Ester and are now listening to a book. I forgot what the book is, but fiction rarely interest me much right now.

Not much more to share, but things are good. That’s all we have from the motor home where my woman is strong, and my self good looking; and our children are above average.

All in a days work,

1. BBQ the Hamburgers.

2. Get wife to the supper table.
3. Do not photograph Holly.

4. Get Sarah to the table and eating.

5. Eat my hamburger.Another days work is complete, I have successfully improved everyone’s health in this world by removing one more pound of red meat that they may have otherwise consumed. If I leave the meat for them, they will be causing plaque to clog their arteries. Me in my martyr stance am able and willing to take this problem away from the world, one pound of hamburger at a time. 🙂
Good night!