A busy Day – July 11, 2010

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July 11, 2010 – A busy Day

posted Jul 11, 2010 9:15 PM by Athena Pantekoek

These kittens have it all figured out, they have perfected my favourite activity!
We had a long day, but good it was. We left early and traveled to King City, Athena dropped me off at the Laundry. Athena and the kids went to Sunshine’s house because Sunshine got ill and had to do some hard time in the hospital this weekend. Athena went to Sunshine’s house to help her kids ready the house for Sunshine’s eminent return from the hospital. She made our kids and Sunshine’s kids work hard for a full hour. I was saved from the hard labour, and only had to do our laundry, but missed seeing shawn and his kids.  We then purchased a gift for Benjamin and dropped in at his house for a time. It was a nice visit, Jae, Vicky, Mitch, and other family members on Brads side that I do not know well were all there and we had a nice time.

Sarah and Holly stayed at Anna’s while Athena and I did the Nasty!!!! The horror of WINCO on a hot Sunday afternoon,; just too many humans for my taste. I am not so sure I like the city any more. Shopping was like a wicked game of twister where you have to climb under and around your opponents, but the reward is food. Humans have developed a new skill in their hunter gather instinct called: “shopping retail”. We got to the register and found that we had forgotten to transfer money into checking, OOOPS!, thankfully they took a check on an account with no money in it. I got the cart packed in record time and was headed out to the car with about 300 pounds of groceries when suddenly the cart came to screeching halt without my permission! After the noise I made was silenced, I wanted to know what just happened, the cart was frozen in place right in the middle of the traffic lane in the WINCO parking lot. We were going nowhere… Athena got the car, and parked next to the cart in the traffic lane and we unloaded the cart as quickly as possible into the car while having to stuff every item around all the clean Laundry. We looked over the cart and found the morons at WINCO; afraid of cart theft, placed a wheel lock to prevent the cart from leaving the property. They forgot though that it needs to travel the whole distance of their parking lot!!!! I thought I had mental problems… Well Athena and I did not want to leave the cart in the parking lot, so we carried the cart back to the store. I had never carried a grocery cart before, and felt rather ridiculous.

We are back up at the RV now, much more content with one cat, an empty state park, and a computer. Low key is good….
… Thanks Anna for inviting all of us in your home to share Benjamin turning two.

Good Evening to all