Antelope Island State Park Review – July 31, 2010

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Another long day out and about. We drug our friends Steve,  Mindie, Gracie, Lolo and Seth on an adventure to Antelope Island State Park to see and touch Salt Lake. As it turned out, touching the lake was only for the bravest of the group, the walk down was hot, very very hot. When we got to the lake, it smelled like a dead horse and was covered in little brown bugs. It was enough to make one ill. The Brave souls, Sarah, Holly, Athena and Seth ventured into the lake plowing through swarming insects, I stayed back covered in OFF, but to no avail. Those who went in to the lake noticed that floating was about the only possibility one had, the salt makes the water more dense than the human causing the human to float regardless of will to do other wise.

We learned the following facts about Salt Lake:
1. Is stinks like a dead horse.
2. It is covered in disgusting little bugs.
3. It is full of brine shrimp, and the bugs eat them.
4. The bugs are a favorite food for many birds, especially seagulls.
5. Seagulls migrate from California to fornicate and make more seagulls once every 4 years. (They are on the same migratory schedule as the Chinook Salmon.)
6. The Sand is mostly made up of Shrimp poop. (Explains the nice smell,)

Everyone was glad when we headed out of the park, very glad. We are drove to Salt Lake City and Steve bought us supper (He took us to a cool Buffet called Chuck Ara-ma). In Salt Lake City much like Yakima, 50′s signs are in style, Americana truly still thrives. It just moved off route 66, to other locations.

Steve told us the Salt Lake, Provo valley area is home to 2 million of the 2.5 million Utah residents. The mountains average about 11,000 feet and the valley floor is around four to five thousand feet.

Well after dragging our friends to places with the smell apeal of a lether processing plant and thus testing their true loyalty, we all went our separate ways to get some rest for another day. This evening I doubled the value of the motor home by creating wooden mounts for the drawer rails as the plastic ones all shattered shortly after we got the RV.  The wood ones are solid, so I may do this for all the drawers.

That is all the news that the Antelope State Park never shares with potential visitors, and from our family for today.

Pretend we are dogs and roll in dead stuff

 First scene on the lake as we enter the park

 Holly with Gracie and Lolo. (They love Holly!)

 My Wonderful Wife. She is great!

 Dead bugs….

 Seth,Sarah, Holly, and Athena returning from testing the lake. They float nicely, the water is hot, and stinks.

 Holly in the restaurant.

 They stole shrunk and placed Rushmore in Salt Lake

 LDS Temple

 The capital building in Salt Lake City

 A place we went after a hard day, to feel at home.

Have a good evening and a good day.