Arches – August 3, 2010

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August 3, 2010 – Arches National Park

posted Aug 3, 2010 8:10 PM by Athena Pantekoek

There are a lot of really cool rock formations here, but not as many arches as we expected. The park is one of the most awe inspiring places we have been. The park is so amazing that it looks like an artist purposefully created it right down to the last detail. Reminds me of Yellowstone in that everything is so neat, one would think it was designed. Just like the plumbing at Old Faithful where the guy turns on the steam every hour on the hour. One really big thing to be thankful for is that the planet is not entirely covered in the terrain and climate of Arches National Park, as the planet would be uninhabitable. We got exceptionally cool weather today only reaching 90 degrees. With my walking skills and the heat, I did not walk much, but Steve Athena, Sarah and Seth took in many of the arches and walked around the balanced rocks. The way things go when I travel though, there will probably be an earth quake right after we leave town and all the balanced rocks will fall. The U.S. Forrest service will be busy for years putting all the rocks back on their pedestals. Check out the balanced rock in the picture, it looks like a humanoid face with sunglasses. Well that is all we have from the land of desolation today. Tomorrow we hope to do Canyon Lands if Steve’s rig gets repaired soon enough. It blew a bag out of the rear shock.

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 How hills and valleys became. (Until they learn better.)

 More information

  More information

 Seth testing the horn on his new desert car.

 The kids pose at the visitor center on Seth’s car.

 Hot hills so very, very hot.

 Drive up the mountain

 More interesting rocks

 The back of a chair. (Look closely; the sleeping giant.)

 These rocks are called fins

 Nature carved humans looking over the valley.

 Another interesting rock


 Carved hill side, looks like frosting

 Rock looks like a building

 Sarah and Seth on a Rock

 Whole in the mountain

 World from under an arch

 Another Arch

Another one yet

I asked the rock man on the right what he does with all his time, he says he’s stoned all the time.

Rock Wall

This is a spy rock. The government uses it to watch tourists. They painted the face for effect.

Cock Rock

Balanced Rock; We saw several unbalanced rocks, but no one ever speaks of them.

 A cool arch

 Petrified dinosaur, (Looks a little like Barney.)

 The kids cooling off.

 What a way to finish the day.

Have a good evening and a good day