Arches, Canyon Lands – August 4, 2010

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posted Aug 4, 2010 8:01 PM by Athena Pantekoek   [ updated Aug 4, 2010 8:16 PM ]

Took an early morning hike to the “Delicate Arch” (The only arch that looks like a true arch that we saw.) the same Arch Utah uses on their license plates, only they eliminate the steep banks and cliffs from the pictures. We hiked out at the crack of dawn to the arch and it paid dividends as the weather was cool at 75 degrees and there were only a few people there. After going to the arch, we got back to camp and Mindie had french toast hash browns and sausage waiting for us. (Does not get any better than that.

Our second adventure took us to Canyon Lands National Park. This park is completely non commercial and is extremely impressive, I think it is every bit a cool as the grand canyon. The scene is indescribable. The thunderstorms rolling across the canyon and the high desert plains added to the dramatic effect. Kudos to those involved in digging these beautiful canyons.

Tonight we are experiencing a thunderstorm of biblical proportions, knocked out the power in our rig for about thirty seconds, so we have switched to 12V power and batteries on our computers for the duration of the night.

Holly left us with an interesting theological question today. We saw a bunch of motorcyclist today with no helmets, and were teasing calling them the “Hells Angels”. Her question is this,  if a motorcyclist dies wearing a Hells Angle monogrammed tee – shirt, “Where does that person go when he dies?” (Hell, Michigan)

Arches Hike and Canyon Lands

 Steve and Seth looking over canyon. Athena Would not let Sarah and I go out there! 🙁

Ranch in Arches

 Ranch House


 Seth and Sarah check out their new home

 Arch is on the other side of the hill

 Cool Rock

 Could not resist the sunrise

 Desert Shrub

 We see the arch. Not long now!

 A cool hole in the wall

 OOPS! Wrong direction, the arch is on the other side

 Gorgeous wife

 Have to hike around God’s amphitheater

 Around the hole in the wall

 Another hole in the ground

 We made it to the the “Delicate Arch”

 Steve Seth and Sarah under the arch

 All of us at Canyon Lands

 View Point

 Overlook of the canyon

 Another view of the Canyons

A diner in Moab, Finally food!!

Tomorrow I will post pictures.

Have a good evening