Arrive in St. Louise, Mo.– August 18, 2010

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 220 miles again today, we are tired so our newest driver pitches in. The road was one long set of rolling hills and chopped up concrete. (These freeways need help!) In case I did not mention it, Gas is $2.39 a gallon, been a long time since we saw those prices. Unfortunately upon leaving Missouri, gas prices on the border here in Illinois appear to be about $2.89 a gallon. (The roads are no better, so who knows why the price is so high.)
We learned the plains are not very flat, they are green, and infested with trees and 3″ flies. (Some say they are June bugs. I thought they were humming birds.) We all agree they are noisy. The dead ones on the ground go look like a house fly of unusual size. Never seen such large bugs, and so many of them. (Millions upon millions.)
Tonight we are parked just north east of the Mississippi and plan to head to the tourist traps in the morning. So we we are knocking off for the night.

08162010 – Travel to Oak Grove Missouri

We found the Missouri River on Nebraska Hwy 2

 We Found IOWA on Nebraska Hwy 2

 We found the Missouri River on Hwy 2

 We found the State of Missouri on I-29

 We found a large bee. Too bad I left the shotgun home

 A Road to Oregon?

 We Found Cherries, Athena said not! Would not let me taste them.

We Found Stonewall Jackson. Definitely Stone.

 Christ Community Church Temple Independence Missouri.

The new Independence courthouse

 Old Independence court house

 Hey, Frank! Have you ever attended this church?

 We found Truman’s house. Mom’s is nicer and she does not have a full time Gardener. (Hmm: Maybe Ron Qualifies.)

 The Confederates drew the line in the Lime Stone

Good night All!