Bayard Nebraska‚ÄďAugust 11, 2010

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Chimney Rock, the one third of the way to Oregon land mark for the Oregon trail pioneers. (We got here from Denver at 3:30pm. 6 hours after we left, and 220 miles. The pioneers averaged 10 miles per day. We saw the land mark 25 minutes before we reached it, they saw it about four days before they reached it traveling from Kansas City Missouri. Our kids were complaining about it taking 25 minutes once they saw it. I can’t imagine what it would be like staring at it for four days and seemingly never reaching it.
Today’s road trip took us up hwy 25 from Denver to Cheyenne Wyoming. (The traffic was murder and the construction was worse. They painted the white line to the right of the pavement drop off. We got our wheels off and it was a fight to guide them back on again, but as usual we prevailed.) The second half of our journey after lunch took us east on I-80, North on hwy 71 to Scottsbluff then hwy 92 to Chimney rock and our campground for the night. This was a hard enough run for a couple days, so we will get our mail and see the area a little tomorrow then sample a steak dinner put on by the camp ground.
The campground is a real screwed up jewel. This place has potential with no comparison. There are acres of space with full hookups, neat little picnic pavilions with seating for just over a hundred. Western style buildings, a large ball field, horses, covered wagon rides, BBQ steak and prime rib. $20.00 full hookup site for the night, $23.00 steak dinner for adults, and $13.00 for kids and includes wagon ride. The problem, the sites are not graveled and well marked, no signs on the highway advertising the park, no brochures advertising the park, the signs on the driveway are worn and unreadable. The park is making money off locals who come to dinner. We are the only campers here, and it is prime time touring season. If these people advertised just a little bit, there would not have been room for us.
Well that is all there is from the Pantekoek family tour de’ states challenge.

Leaving Denver at 9:30 this morning.

First symbol we see of Wyoming

Official Welcome sign. (Sorry for the blur.)

This is an odd house. (People in Wyoming might be strange.)

Well, no matter, we are in Nebraska now.

Kimball Nebraska!

The Coal Train from Gillette

A real messed up Hershey kiss, Factory second?

Cool cliff, looks like a castle overlooking the ocean.

Hey! Who put the mountains in the plains?

Our campground. It is just us really!

Horses for the campground wagon.

Pioneers trekking the Oregon Trail.

The reason we came.

Good night!