Biking day for the ladies – July 14, 2010

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July 14, 2010 – Just a Biking day for the ladies

posted Jul 14, 2010 9:56 PM by Athena Pantekoek

If you are any bit interested in getting out of the city, getting fresh air and a little exercise and you live in the Portland Metro area, this is the place to do it. 30 Miles of trail from Vernonia to Buxton, last quarter paved through the LL Stub State Park. The campground is about 5% full during the week, 100% on the weekends in July.  Athena and the girls rode the LLSTUB to Buxton portion today, and had a nice time. I rested from yesterday’s journey to around the valley.  Not much to report, but we are headed to Salem again tomorrow for Holly’s braces removal, get the air conditioner pump and clutch installed in the Saturn, (Unbelievable, it lasted less than 2 years, and cost about a $850 to replace the bad parts. ) not fun to part with all that cash on such a new rig. With Saturn gone, it takes time and money to get parts. The good thing though is Salem came in $800.00 less on the repair than Car Chevrolet in Beaverton, at least in their quote, we shall see if it is still that much less after the work is performed.  Salem Saturn has been pretty reliable so far in our dealings with the service department. When we bought the car, they were typical car sales schmucks of course, nothing real positive to report on purchase.  They are now Salem Suzuki, offering good trades for Saturn owners to buy Suzuki’s. I would get a Grand Vitara, but the cargo area is smaller, and I don’t want to pay for a new car when mine still operates. Saturn Vue Hybrids though are not worth buying for fuel economy, fuel milage is about 5% better than the non hybrid, their price for parts, and the premium one pays to buy it, and Oregon’s new Hybrid tax in licensing causes the cost of ownership to far exceed the value of the Hybrid technology. The Hybrid tax adds $100 to the renewal of tags coming at $180.00 in Jan of 2011. The only reason I have the Hybrid, is that it is the only four cylinder model of the Vue that is tow-able with four wheels down and requires no modification to be towed. Outside of that, a non-hybrid model is much more desirable in my opinion.

Again not much to say but have a good evening.