burning fuel – July 13, 2010

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07132010 – Another day of burning fuel

The ultimate power tool, but what is it for?  The auger could make an impressive fence post hole digger, though cumbersome.
Weather about 70 degrees and partly sunny, travel to Salem and back for a super short run to the Orthodontist, Borders, Camping World in Beaverton, Lowes, Home Depot, Anna’s, Upon arrival back at LL Stub, BBQ STEAK, install Purse hanger, seriously foul up the install of a couple towel racks, and turn Holly into a skilled Fantastic ceiling fan installer. Hmm, she now has a trade, I knew someone in this family would amount to something!

Lots of work again, but the family pulls together and a lot can get done. Not too much to report today, we are just going to take it easy tonight and watch a movie that Holly refers to as literature “The Lightning Thief”, I’ll eventually bring her to the classics, but it may take some time

Their power tool! Wow

My Power tool! Double WOW! Aint she awesome!!!

Her cook, isn’t he awesome!!

Camping serenity; If your 10.

Have a good evening.