Calvary Chapel, Orem Utah – August 1, 2010

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posted Aug 1, 2010 9:11 PM by Athena Pantekoek

Went to Calvary Chapel church in Orem this morning, they had communion service (The third one this summer for us.) The music was loud, but good, the preacher was dressed in Home Depot trip clothes (You know, the kind you put on to fix the hot water heater.), but was well educated on his subject material and enthusiastic. Very good church for young families. I think it is nice to see churches that attract those who are young enough to where they do not feel church is needed yet… He preached on Salvation and how people know if they are saved, and explained the verse that talks about those who think they are saved due to the miracles they worked and Jesus said he knew them not. He was well grounded over all, I had some differences in my ideas, but nothing big enough to worry about. I am just glad to see so many young people in the christian faith.

We found out today Mormons are wonderful, they disappear on Sundays! We went to WINCO and had the whole store to our selves and a few people from church, we really enjoyed the ability to actually get to the products on the shelves. The food is cheap here, 1 gallon 1% milk $1.53, dozen eggs 98 cents, 6 pound roast $7. We were in shopping heaven, the RV is now fully stuffed with groceries.

The afternoon was spent visiting Steve and Mindie at their house, and had a really nice visit.

Well it is very late, so that is all I have tonight. We will be in Moab for the next blog entry if all goes well tomorrow.

Spanish Fork

 View from Winco

 View from Steve’s back yard

 Steve’s house

 I love a child’s enthusiasm for fun.

Good Night, and Good Morning!