Colorado Springs–August 9, 2010

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August 9, 2010 – Colorado Springs

There must be something special in sacred Indian dust from the Manitue cliff dwellers! If you look carefully, Sara can Fly!
OK, I guess Colorado is getting to us, or the number of things and places we see are having an ill effect; and I am the only one who thinks Sarah can fly. I guess that is not too bad, though as I saw her walk on water a few weeks ago.

Really now what a day! I found a coupon for $5 off each ticket for the Pikes Peak Cog Wheel train, all we had to do was drive 2 hours away, and catch the 8am train. Since I did not see a need to make reservations and pay in advance for a train trip I may never find, I decided we would all leave at 5:30am. We arrived at the Cog wheel train station at 7:00am, and were first in line for stand by tickets. One might ask, how did I do a two hour trip in 1.5 hours, I drove 75, except when the Saturn was too gutless to pull the hills at that speed and thus caused us to have to pull in behind the gutless Prius that was also slowing down the interstate. 75MPH is the speed limit here in Colorado, but our car would only do 75 with a tail wind going down hill. Guess I need to trade for a Viper. After doing our part to disturb interstate commerce and create slow downs on the freeway for local commuters, we arrived at the Cog Wheel none to early, and got our tickets. There were about 100 other people behind us trying to get standby tickets, and most did not make the train, we were among the few, and the fortunate. The ride up was beautiful and uneventful as well. We climbed from 5400 feet to 14110 at the peak on a 25% grade 10 miles per hour for about an hour. Upon disembarking from the train, we found it to be rather chili, so we took pictures and haunted the gift shop at the top while watching an ominous fog roll in. After a 30 minute wait we boarded the train and headed down, the view for us was great, but a storm was chasing us down the mountain.
The next stop was the Manitue cliff dwellings where we were scalped by the Indians at the gate on the way in as fare. The cliff dwellings however were extremely interesting, the buildings were well  designed and still intact after 1500 years. Things are not made the way they used to be.  One thing we have going for us is our RV is positively spacious compared to the average Indian families digs were back then. When we left the cliffs, a storm had rolled in creating little visibility and water falls everywhere. The storm came just as we were finishing up our out door activities today.
The last stop of the Day was James Dobson’s Focus on the Family complex. This place is awesome, you would not believe how good a chocolate Ice creme can be made from whipping Dryers chocolate into soft serve. This is Ice creme to make the pilgrimage to Christian mecca for. (Tip: it is sold in Whits end Soda Shop down stairs.) The place had a ton of neat stuff for the kids to do, a 70′ slide that Sarah rode to the ground in 4 seconds flat. An under ground theme area based on the “Odysee Series”.  Athena and I hit the book store and purchased some more history material and some fiction for Holly.
Well that concludes another very tiring day from the state of color and lightning.

Colorado Springs

Pikes Peek Cog Wheel (The old Engine on display)

Hummingbirds snack while waiting for the train

Athena on the Train

Sarah on the train

We arrive at the top in a Swiss diesel electric train

It’s cold lets get this picture over with and hit the can

Proof Athena made it to the peek

I made it to the top too! Need a parachute to get down.

Pikes Peek Inspires America the Beautiful

Manitue Cliff Dwellings

Athena trying out the front door on our new home

Sarah flying out our front door. (Kids!)

Next Stop Focus on the Family – Mecca

Holly  in pipe in the train area of Odyssey

Holly opens the wardrobe to Narnia

We foolishly enter Narnia.

Holly meets Aslan

Sarah at White Witch Castle

Holly picks our next destination in time. (Time travel in an elevator. What will they think of next?)

Have a good evening.