Day Of Business – July 6th, 2010

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posted Jul 6, 2010 6:22 PM by Athena Pantekoek


Another very warm day at the beach today about 75 degrees and sunny. This morning we payed bills and checked on the costs of guests in the park we are staying at. The park highly values their services. With a large member discount, guests can stay for $48.00 a night plus a $3.00 per person resort fee. I was afraid to ask what they charged the general public. It pays to be a member if one wants to stay in the 1000 trails network of parks.

This afternoon, we picked up the mail, and The Mayo Clinic once again chooses show more strange behavior, last week from the Dr., this week from billing. We received a bill for $4,000.00 when we thought we would have a credit with them for about $2000  due to over payments from the March trip. I spent the day reviewing all the charges and payments while Athena and the girls built a sand castle at the beach. Turns out they lost a $3,200 payment we made in April, charged $2200.00 more than they had promised for the services in May; the extra charge came in even after they dropped some of the planned appointments. If I can figure out how to get the $3200 we already paid applied to the bill, send them another $500, we should be square and not have to deal with the Mayo Clinic again. We shall see how it goes in billing tomorrow, usually the billing department is hard to deal with as they are outsourced to US Bank, and communication between the Bank and the clinic gets interesting.

Athena, Holly, and Sarah had a great time at the beach today. They said they had accomplished an engineering feet and learned about see walls when the stream they were using had started to erode the land away from the sandcastle and destroy the mote. They then challenged the ocean by running after the waves, if the purpose was to not get wet, the ocean won. At any rate, they had a wonderful time.

Tonight it is Laundry day, and swimming again for Holly and Sarah.

Have a good evening.