Falling House Prices in Bend Tempt Us

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June 7th 2010 – Falling House Prices in Bend Tempt Us

posted Jun 7, 2010 8:07 PM by Athena Pantekoek   [ updated Jun 7, 2010 8:38 PM ]


We looked at a nice piece of property of 1.25 acres, house 1188sqft. The property was wonderful, the house may well be a real fixer or just a piece. The location though has great investment potential due to the new homes coming in around it. The privacy and size of the lot are second to none. Latest sand filtration septic, power and water are in. I figure the house has a few years sure if we can afford it though due to the work it needs, and even with 50% down we could not qualify on my new earnings.

We shopped at Walmart in Bend, though not a super Walmart it had most of the groceries we needed, and Albertson’s being in the same parking lot work for fresh meat and veggies at a reasonable price. Albertson’s was a far better value than “Food for Less” (Holly renamed to “Food for More”).

Finally the Sun Shines with blue skies and snow capped mountains at a balmy 70 degrees and the kids hit the pool while I try to sleep off a nasty cold that set in yesterday afternoon. If the kids approve, maybe I will get to see some sites in the area tomorrow and get some nice pictures.

Supper consists of hamburgers over the BBQ, chocolate bar. Holly refused to enjoy the out door fun of Marshmallow roasting and sat inside with the cat eating popcorn and listening to books. (Boring!)

So much for another fun filled day at the Pantekoek mobile.


Holly with a flower

Holly Flower

Holly and Sarah Swimming on 70 degree day. Finally Some Sun!

swimming at sunriverHollyPool

Our Campsite

Relaxing Right

Athena and Sarah Roast Marshmallows . The Marshmallows tie the knot!
Roasting Mellows

What teens do when their parents and siblings roast marshmallows over the fire. They eat popcorn indoors while sucking down internet resources with the I-POD!

Not happy with the camera

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