Farmington Washington July 22, 2010

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posted Jul 22, 2010 7:02 PM by Athena Pantekoek   [ updated Jul 23, 2010 11:25 PM ]

We saw Palouse Falls today, I could not get the lighting just right, but a picture would never do this place justice. We saw some creatures that we had never seen before. None of us had seen a yellow bellied marmot before, and Beatles large enough to where a shot gun might be justifiable. When we showed the Beatles to Sarah, she said it looked just like the one in the picture on our can of Deet. I talked to the Park host about rattle snakes, and asked him if had ever seen one in the park. He said he had only seen two in a year, one in the lawn, and one under the well house. I had just told the girls that rattle snakes rarely ever go in irrigated green grass, and mostly are found either sunning themselves on the road, or on trails or hanging out in the dry brush where they blend in. The man refuted all that. I felt dumb! On the way out of the park though; right at the exit; I was vindicated, I found a live rattle snake sunning himself out on the road right where I said we would find one, and the kids saw their first rattler in the wild.

The rest of the day was spent driving to Farmington, we underestimated our fuel requirements and rolled into Colfax dry as a Martini and took on a whopping $220.00 in fuel. We were scared we would not make it, and scared of the fuel bill. Later in the day, we walked to Idaho and took some pictures for everyone to enjoy in pictures and notes.

Another perfectly good day spend burning fuel and tormenting nature.

United States and Washington Flag Fly in Park

Palouse Falls from the upper over look

Palouse falls from the main view point

A Great view of Athena and the girls

We found a marmot

Cool Train tracks, looks like a toy train

Sarah enjoying the biggest wish I ever found

A farm house we saw while walking to Idaho

Moon on the horizon in Farmington

Good evening to all.