Golden Colorado–August 7, 2010

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August 7, 2010 – Travel day (Destination Golden Colorado)

Over the mountains we go, we hit 11000 feet at the summit on the road way. We wanted to stop at the Veil visitors center and rest area, but like all the other rest areas, it was closed due to a !@#@! bike race. Truckers and RV’rs  were out of luck at the rest areas as there were bikes and cars everywhere for the race. So we did not get to see anything other than what was visible from the cabin of the motor home. We were crossing the mountain at great speed of 18MPH on some hills running 2000 rpms in granny gear, but we got there. On the opposite side of the road we saw two accidents where the people were not so lucky. One an SUV pulling a boat rolled his vehicle. I think only his pride was injured. The second was a semi missed the turn on a down hill stretch. The road crew was chopping it to bits and putting it in dumpsters. I wonder what the insurance adjuster will have to say on that one. Is it totaled?
We saw other rivers today and all of them were crystal clear, only the Colorado looks like a sludge factory. After driving over the mountains, and Athena praising me for going to truck school we arrived in our park for the night. They call is an RV resort and charge a resort fee. The park has nothing going for it except hookups and proximity to the freeway, beyond that, save the Thousand trails nights for another place, this park is only a good sleep over. We are satisfied though, as the price is right, and the check in staff is friendly, and all we plan to do is sleep here.
Athena is looking for places to see in our down time.
Good evening

Colorado River

Cave in Veil

Continental divide is in this tunnel

Blue River

Overview of the Rockies

1 mile long tunnel

Sarah glad we are here

In case one can’t get a DUI his own, he can take a class! What a country!!!

Gladiator Arena

Front of capital

Local Stadium for some unknown ball team.


No idea what this is, too much traffic to read the sign

Headed back to the RV. We are told this is the elite part of Denver here. I hate to see the bad part of town.

This one is a chain store

Judging from the number of pawn shops the dancers are expensive to watch.

Signs of a booming economy

Very high Hispanic population

The bars remind me of the stores in rural British Columbia
Where your dog food comes from

  Not pretty, but laundry is very cheap

  This is pretty