Gothenburg Nebraska‚ÄďAugust 13, 2010

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When we set out to travel across Nebraska, we expected to see miles and miles of flat dessert like Boardman Oregon divided up by corn fields as the main product along with cattle. We were really mistaken! We have seen a cactus here and there, giant gray frogs, lush green plants that are shaped like a sage bush, lots of deciduous trees and junipers. We saw Beans, corn, and miles of sunflowers being cultivated. The main industry though seems to be rail road, mostly moving coal. I have never seen nor heard as many trains in my entire life as I have seen today. Nebraska is one huge full scale model rail road!
Our journey today took us over steep hills constantly up and down from hwy 92, 385 and eventually on to I-80. The wind was whipping around on much of the trip which kept us thoroughly engaged in our driving. We are still amazed each time we approach a construction zone “Caution Slow – Speed 75 MPH” Fines double when workers are present” I bet people who live outside of the left coast, really hate the speed laws in Oregon and California. We are enjoying the $2.60 Gallon fuel prices though, and the better fuel economy. It seems when we left Oregon, something is different about the gasoline, we are getting two to three miles per gallon more than in Oregon. On a 75 gallon tank and at less than 10 mpg that is a big deal. Sales Tax on the other hand seems obscene.
Another weird note about Nebraska is that the people we met so far are God fearing, patriotic, and love their state! Oregon needs to wake up and smell the coffee, the heart of this nation, has not forgotten its roots!
Well that is the end of another day on the Pantekoek Tour De’ USA

Sunflowers are as Plentiful as Corn

Cattle by the coal plant near North Platte

The only rest area open between 385 and North Platte

Our Campsite for the tonight and tomorrow

Finish the day with Holly B-Day Cake.

Good night!