Harley Davison, August 17, 2014

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One and one half hours at Harley Davison Assembly plant in Kansas City, Holly and I take a tour, and Sarah tries and buys this bike. I really need to decrease her allowance, the motor home is gaining a lot of weight. Fortunately for me, she has to assemble the bike her self, and the kit comes with a screw driver.
I fear this part of the trip is becoming a turning point and we are going to be seeing more large cities. I hate the cities, there are a lot of lose nuts behind the wheel. I had one fellow who must have thought his year tag on his license plate was lose. As at a read light, he bumped his car strategically against our bike rack so as to let us know he was there, and to apply pressure to the front of his car thus more firmly attaching his year tag to his license plate. Shortly thereafter, he waved and took off. I guess his venture must have worked out, as he seemed quite excited as he sped off.
After seeing Harley, we decided to follow the GPS to Border Bookstore in Overland Park Kansas. The GPS took us on a very interesting journey doing many circles before dropping us the Gum Springs trail to Santa FE. (I think this is the trail all the teens took when they went west.) We have found the best way to tour an area, is to not get directions, but to program a destination into the GPS and go. We saw most of the Kansas and Missouri suburbs before getting to our destinations. It was an interesting 200 mile trek to a store 20 miles away, but hey! we did come here tour.

08172010 – Harley Davison / Overland Park Kansas

 Rail Yard on Missouri Side of the river. Very large

 An odd looking sign

 We arrive at Destination one. Harley Manufacturing plant Kansas City.

Lower end cycle frame and power plant.

 More of the bike assembled

 Sarah trying the bike out for size.

Sarah tries and buys this bike. She has to assemble it though. They provided the screw driver with her kit.

GPS takes us to book store. Scenic route. Typical house in Kansas City Kansas.

One of many malls the GPS found us that are empty!

 We give up and take the Gum springs trail to Santa FE. We find borders on the way and go there instead.

Have a good evening and a good night to all!