Heading East – July 22, 2010

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posted Jul 22, 2010 6:09 PM by Athena Pantekoek   [ updated Jul 22, 2010 6:26 PM ]

270 miles on the road today, the wind in central and eastern Washington was so strong, we worried we might get to Kansas ahead of schedule. We traveled from Silver Creek Washington to Starbuck Washington managing to avoid all the interstate freeways. Took route 12 from Silver Creek to Yakima over White Pass Ski area, what a beautiful drive, see some pictures under pictures and notes with today’s date. We then drove through Down Town Yakima to got to route 24 to Othello. Yakima is an interesting town, due to obvious financial issues, the town is stuck in 1950, the cool thing is that they realized this, and all the new signage for the business is also retro 1950. I saw some gypo lots selling used cars, on car was listed $599.00 down. When I saw the car I would have expected to get change back if I gave them $599.00. Why are prices so high in places where there is a depressed economy? (My Question of the day.)

Athena was a real expert driver today, she braved about 150 miles of two lane roads with lots of wind and dust, she did so well, one would not have known the wind was there. The wind was strong enough to severely rock the coach when ever we were not moving. I was impressed and eternally grateful for her bravery.

We refused to stop much today due to the miles we had to cover. Sarah looked out and noticed the seeming never ending road as it trailed off into the distance and asked “Why are we in so big a hurry to get to end of the road to nowhere?” The answer was so we would not be too tired to play when we get there.

Everything went smoothly today, other than wind, narrow roads, and a lot of commercial traffic. Oh, our car and tow bar got hit with so much dust and hay, it looks as though a cow with bathroom problems had an accident on them. On that note, we are going to call it a day.

07222010 – Travel Day Again

 The Canyon below as we follow the goat trail

 Mountain Views from the trail

 Mountains at White Pass

 A view of one of the goats on the trail

 Another goat on the pass

 A cool water fall, well worth the Drive

 A neat little lake on the east side of the pass

 A weird sound made us wonder if the light was a train

 We find Yakima, a typical sign in downtown

 A Junction, Hope we do not get lost again!

 A flag shows wind direction and speed (Very Fast!!)

 God is rearranging the hills

 A road to no where, and we are in a hurry to get there!

 Getting closer, we have the right ball team mentioned

 The last bridge to today’s destination

 Iconic Railroad bridge built in 1914. (longest ever then)

 Tonight’s place of rest – we need it. 270 miles today

 View from our front room. (Nice!)

Good night and safe dreams to all.