July 20, 2010 – Trippen in the big cities again

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July 20, 2010 – Trippen in the big cities again

We went for a drive today, ended up in Tacoma, Holly needed clothes, and I wanted to finish acquiring the brake parts for towing the Saturn. Priced every place I could find, and the part was $300.00 cheaper at Camping World than any other retail store in Oregon or Washington. We are making Camping World Rich!, Creating Jobs (Probably in China!) and earning frequent shopping points so we can buy even more junk. Got to love the material world. 🙁


The brake product was a hard one to buy, Roadmaster tried to sell us $3000 in parts to do the install, Camping World $42.00, locals RV shops had no idea if it would work, so we put all the information together from everyone and found out in the end, the brake kit had everything we needed in the box, and we are good to go. Sure makes a person tired getting so much bad advice.

After camping world we wanted to hit the mall. The sales person from camping world gave us directions to the mall that took us instead to the Port of Tacoma, she had forgotten the NW vs SW designator for the street number we needed. OOPs! Well we saw the cranes at the port, that we had seen earlier off in the distance wondering what they were; now, we know. We also found out that since the car is not amphibious, we would have to back track and we got on 508 west. Was a neat drive with the exception of traffic. We saw Union Station down town, a cool suspension bridge, people driving with their hand on the horn and shouting out their windows unintelligible words; We think the words were designed to make them feel better by releasing their inner beast. (I hope the beast was fully released before these people got home to their spouses.)  I still think man was not cut out to live in densly populated places, over population causes animal tendencies in humans.

When getting back onto the 5, merging was interesting; cars would dart through 3 lanes and onto the exits. (very brave souls)  While in this merge sequence, the most amazing thing happened, traffic was rudely darting in and out honking at each other and looking generally angry while Athena was attempting to get on the freeway. She was beginning to feel nervous when a pair of Californian boys in a Nissan maxima came up in the lane we were trying to get into, slowed down, made an opening and motioned her in. We all nearly passed away in our disbelief! Those young men were true ambassadors. Who would have ever dreamed!

While driving down the interstate, I saw a store selling under cloths called “Hustler of Hollywood” I brought that to Athena’s attention wondering why such a name. She was offended, thinking they meant Hussies of Hollywood, I thought con artist of Hollywood. Neither definition seemed positive, and I was sure that the name was not one that instilled confidence. Holly  and I wanted to know what Athena’s definition of a Hussies was, and Athena told us it was a woman who’s atire was less than modest, and would attract the attention of men who had girl friends, and the girl friend seeing her man was attracted to the woman would call her a hussiie in anger.” Holly thought for a minute and said the Hussies may get called a bad name, but would probably end up with the other ladies man in the end, so the poor Hussies would come out with the prize. I thought that was an interesting perspective, I had not thought about that out come. Athena told Holly she was to stay away from a man who would leave his girl for an immodest woman as he was probably not a good guy. I thought to my self; I would probably recommend staying away from a woman insecure enough to call another woman a Hussie. A woman like that would be too high maintenance. (Just a thought).  So leaving the Hussies behind, we headed for the factory outlet mall in Centralia.

Upon arriving at the mall, we found about 10 of the 50 stores still in business, and those stores with prices equivelent to their retail counterparts in a normal mall, and sales that could only be taken advantage of via buying more than what one came for. We then stumbled on a sign 82 miles to Portland, 82 miles to Seattle. They were exactly in the middle of nowhere, we then realized why we had the whole mall to our selves.

Upon arrival at Walmart, we got everything we could not get at the outlet mall either due to cost, or because the store had gone under. (Oh! one other thing, when you program a destination in the GPS remember to make sure that the check box to avoid freeways is not checked. We drove side streets for half an hour to get to Walmart in chehalis from the factory stores in centralia. It turned out both stores were on the freeway one exit and 4 miles apart. The upside is, we had never seen down town Centralia and Chehalis before.) Downtown Chehalis is a neat little town with all its original charm from yester-year still intact. Unless, I can do a better job with the GPS, I may lose my position as navigator.

After wondering aimlessly, we are back in Paradise, and compared to the horns of down town, we are in Paradise.

Good night to all!

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