LL Stub State Park – July 9, 2010

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Arrived in LL Stub State Park today traveled from Pacific City to here at 95 miles. We left Pacific city at 11:45am, Arrived at LL Stub 4:10pm completed setup of the R.V. at 5:00pm. Confusion from the people ahead of us created a long wait at the ranger boot. Fueled the RV at Banks, bought groceries, went to the Bank and post office all in one stop. We also had lunch there. Best stop yet for getting business done. Discussed housing prices in Banks with the banker, she said the value had held steady there, and average $300K.  CD’s today were 19 months at 1.5% interest.

There are lots of bees here, and some impatient old people, but other than that, the park appears nice, we are one space west of our normal space. The bike trail runs 5 miles from here to Buxton and a half mile of HWY 26 to Dairy Queen in Manning. The kids are never short on fine dining. Not many pictures today, but I posted a couple.

07092010 – LLSTUB

Our Site 60 X 60 50A full hookups $190.00 per week.

View from the motor home.

Note: We have been here 30 minutes and Sarah cut herself. She has at least 1 cut from every location we have visited. If nothing else, she will have the cleanest blood of the crew. 🙂