Marine Hatfield Science Center – July 8, 2010

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July 8, 2010

posted Jul 8, 2010 7:09 PM by Athena Pantekoek

The OSU Marine Hatfield Aquarium where the scientist study you studying them.
That’s right, the visitors of this aquatic museum are part of the research project. In addition to the study of marine life; the center is founded on a grant to study how people learn when they choose what they want to learn and when. The personnel track visitor questions and interest recording it over time to observe learning, patterns, and interest. The guest get to see everything from Octopus to the Chaos theory; and how scientist have found that absolute chaos is made from regular predictable patterns, and that true randomness does not exist. So much for chaos, but at least our kids will never let us down in the chaos department. Randy’s family attended the museum with us, and it was nice to see everyone.

On the way back to the RV, from he aquarium visit, Athena sent me into the store for milk, hamburger buns, and cereal, these items were out of stock. We all went to the restaurant in Lincoln City next to the store, and had pizza. The server told us that the stores were low on everything due to a larger than expected tourist crowd. It was a good day over all, but everyone is tired. A few pictures are posted under pictures and notes.

Good night from the RV where the children are grumpy and the parents are exhausted.

Sarah and Emily at the Marine Hatfield Museum  A giant magnet for a floating power plant

 Headed north on 101

 My Gorgeous wife buying us pizza.

 Sarah waiting for pizza

 Athena and Holly pointing at a Drunken Monk!!!

Can you find the drunken monk???