MOAB Utah – August 2, 2010

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posted Aug 2, 2010 6:21 PM by Athena Pantekoek   [ updated Aug 2, 2010 6:47 PM ]

The road was long and easy today, made for a nice run. The weather was hanging out in the high 80′s and the construction was minor. Steve and Minide followed us
in to Moab today, but they had some minor car trouble. An air bag that load balances for the back of their rig burst today just after stopping for construction. A shop called Arches mechanics ordered a new one in for Wed. morning and thinks they can replace it in about an hour. I sure hope they get the right part, there seemed to be a bit of confusion. Other than a few people proving that more than just the most fit survive. (In my mind proving Darwin wrong). I can tell we have weaken the species by allowing the stupid to exist; then, we gave them drivers licenses. In my rude critique of Darwin Athena reminded me that the Darwin theory does not apply when it comes to humanity as we help each other along. Darn theories in this world, they just have too many exceptions. I like math better, it seems more consistent, has very few exceptions. 2+2 always =4 unless you ask the wrong person.

Moab is really an interesting place, the KOA is nice, and the people we have met so far are very nice. As usual I am too exhausted to really care much tonight, but I think this will be a neat place to visit. I expect we will see Canyon Lands, Dead horse, and Arches national parks along with some unknown body of water called the Colorado River, but maybe we should wait to see that when we get to Colorado. I wanted to go on a boat tour, but got voted down on that one due to cost. Probably for the best. Tomorrow we will post pictures of the local area here.

The kids are in the pool again.

 Windmills just out side Spanish Forks Hwy 6

 Coal mine hwy 6 – Look how clean they burn

 Vein of coal on the side of the road

Cool Rock

 Down hill run Hwy 6 to I-70 Goes forever

 Cool rocks with caves at the top

The Kids made a working volcano out of a little sand and a tire pump?  Pretty smart!

Good Evening and good night.