My House is abandoned – July 28, 2010

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posted Jul 28, 2010 10:05 PM by Athena Pantekoek Richland is a an experience that is hard to describe, living here years ago, and knowing most everyone to coming back and knowing only Paul and Maureen is strange. Now there are ATV’s ridden as if they are cars on all the roads and farms, saw few tractors and horses. The house in the picture is our old house, but the picture does not do the decay justice, The house is lived in, but rotting down around the occupants, the barn roof is missing from years of storm damage, the dairy barn is old and falling into serious decay and the shop looks like an old abandoned building from the war times. We took a walk in the cemetery, the only place in Richland where the population is growing. We looked over the bottom fields, and saw the Nature Conservancy took them over, dozed them until a wetland was created. I recognized nothing, but I did see a lot of happy ducks. On the way back, found a few people that I did not realize had passed away, but time has a way of catching up with us all. We rode our bikes back to Paul’s house, my bike got its first scuff when Sarah cut in front of me and I fell off, so now my bike is officially broke in. Today was very busy, I took my behind the wheel test in Baker City, the lady giving the exam decremented me for driving in a school zone at 22mph even though it is summer. She said there is summer school so school days apply year around. Any way it is of no consequence, I passed. Take note of her comment though as the cities might cite people for driving over 20 in school zones in the summer. I never thought of summer break as a school day. We need to fix the school zone laws for consistency and clarity. Paul showed me a bunch of stuff to give to Randy. The we put air in the tires on the car and motor home, cut dowels to secure the front windows, added transmission fluid to the motor home, and put oil in the car (It was completely dry?) Two engines now that have gone dry with no apparent leaks. Good thing I keep a lot of oil on hand. Well, I guess that is all I have from the little town of Richland Oregon.

The Ranch

 Our old house falling in disrepair

 Our family biking the route I did daily from 10 -18

 The bottom hay field converted to wetlands

 Paul ready to compete with me in picture taking

 Paul’s house – He listens to nightly business report.