North Platt Nebraska–August 14, 2010

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August 14, 2010 We see more trains! We do it on purpose!
posted by Darin-Athena Pantekoek on Aug 14, 2010

After Sarah and I got this stalled train out of our path, we were able to get a look at the North Platte Rail Road museum owned by the city. They let us in free for the hard work we did moving the locomotive and its cars out of the entrance. (It was no big deal. Really!) This museum is a must see! They did a wonderful job. We also went to the Golden Spike rail tower where we could over look the yard operations of Union Pacific’s switching yard. Supposedly the largest in the entire world and most likely the entire universe!  We went to the Canteen museum about the feeding of the WW2 soldiers, but the museum lacked everything a good museum should have except an outlandish entrance fee which we refused to pay, and thus we have nothing to report.
On the way back to camp, we stopped in at the Pony express and visited with the folks there. It turns out that the business venture did not go well, they lost over $250,000 in less than 18 months. That kind of a business loss is something to brag about, I know of few who can lose that kind of money so quickly on an idea that is still used in one form today called the US MAIL.
The last stop was an ecological home unparalleled in using renewable resources, having great insulation that out does the current super good sense homes on the market today. This ecological sound wonder is the latest concept in green building called the SOD house. We did not stay long as the place was closed for the day, and they did not need any more nosy tourist after 3pm. In fact the whole town was ours, as we were the only car in town, if I did not know better, I would say it had been evacuated due to some eminent and pending disaster. Maybe we should have been listening to the radio.
Well we got out late today due to hair and makeup issues, so this is all we have to report from Gothenburg Nebraska. Where the flies and mosquitoes are good looking and greater in number than average.

North Platte / Gothenburg

Malaria pit behind our campsite. 🙂 Pretty though.

Golden Spike Observation tower (Worlds Largest Rail Yard.)

Scouts make a train in the corn

Fuel Stop

Train Service Center

Rail Yard

Athena looks over rail road

Holly looks over rail yard

Can I drive? Please?

Sarah and I move a stalled locomotive out of the way.

Sarah and I moved it a bit too far. OOPS!

Went to the pony express station to get our mail.

A little info about Pony express

Ultra modern efficacy home made with 100% renewable resources. This is a super good sense home. (Sod, who would have thought!)

Good night!