Pacific City Thousand Trails – June 29, 2010

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June 29, 2010 – Pacific City Thousand Trails

Road day!! We left South Beach Thousand Trails today and have arrived in Pacific City Thousand Trails. The park is very large, the road narrow and the corners tight and blind. Most people were fortunately patient with their driving, but there is always one. Athena had to stop the motor home on a hill to let the guy attempt to slip by since he did not want to wait in the turnout. He paid for his inpatients,  He could not fit around the back of the motor home so he had to stop a few feet off the back, Athena gunned the engine the motor home rolled back scared his lunch out of him and his car took off like a dart. The good news, no damage was done, and we probably improved his cardiovascular system by getting his heart rate up for him. We are doing amazing things for peoples health and attitude everywhere we go.

Took us a couple hours to get our rig put in its space, and squared away. The view is great! We had Pizza at the local pizza restaurant, the kids did not like it much which worked to my advantage. Now they are heading out to swimming and laundry.

Good Day and Good Night.