Paradise Thousand Trails Beaverton – July 19, 2010

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posted Jul 19, 2010 10:04 PM by Athena Pantekoek

Took a trip to Portland today (Beaverton) took care of some business at the DMV, looked for a replacement Tire Pressure monitoring system for the RV, Valve stem extenders, portable air compressor, and a braking system for the tow vehicle. We found only the Air compressor, the rest is yet to be discovered. We saw Mark and crew at work, and everyone seemed to be doing well, and the business running smoothly. It is nice to see things going well. The I was off to My Dr. we had a good visit, did some maintenance blood work, and reviewed the Mayo letters. The Mayo mood disorders doctor was consistent with what he told me there, and he believed we are dealing with some kind of neurological disorder that is not known creating the Bipolar symptoms, and would have to be managed, and with time, maybe possible improvement may come. I guess it is only the neurologist who forgot the change in diagnosis to a neurological disorder. Regardless, the Dr. I saw today, and myself are pleased with the ability to walk again, and are working with Mayo to develop a maintenance plan. All good news really, I am pretty sure I will be able to work again in a year or two. The Dr. did not share my optimism on the time line, but was supportive but again assured me that taking it slow was the best approach. He was happy with my walking strategy, and respectful of our way of making the best of a difficult situation. After seeing my Dr. we then went home to Paradise via Rainer to dodge all the traffic problems on the southern portion of I5. The picture above is a picture I took from our camp ground of the lake below.

On the way home we saw a motor coach that was being pulled from a stream where it had landed along with its tow vehicle. These coaches are not good ATV’s. His was a passenger style bus chassis pulling a VW bug both painted and muddied to match. For flipping over, the bus held up very well, just the front windsheild shattered and some minor crumpling. Most of our rigs would be sticks of aluminum and fiberglass in the same scenario. Hopefully everyone’s injuries were limited to ego and a little cash. RV’s must be expensive to insurance companies in the summer months. It is a wonder that the policy’s cover summer driving.

Due to the business vs pleasure nature of the day, there is not much to report, but hopefully everyone is doing well.

Good Evening America!