Richland, Or – July 27, 2010

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Another long day of driving, I had Athena take us to Richland via Forrest Service Route 39 from Joseph to Halfway, but as we headed up the mountain, we found the road had been washed out, with only one way through, we had to go south to La Grande. That was a five hour detour, making a 3 hour trip into eight. We are real tired now. When we got to Richland, we found Paul in his garden spreading dead fish. Paul went to the effort of making a sewer hookup, water hookup and Electric. He is spoiling us rotten, it is in the upper 80′s and we have air conditioning. Life does not get better than that. ATT&T has not cell service out here, so we are without phone, but my internet seems to be working well using Verizon. ATT&T loses again, no I-Phones here.

Due to my lack of navigation skills, I may lose the navigator position, and forced to get my drivers license. It is the “Peter Principal in action” I am incompetent as Navigator so maybe I will be promoted to pilot. We shall see.

First sight in Richland, (These people are prepared for the next oil crisis.) I bet they are off grid as well!

Washing car after driving through Severe thunderstorm.

Sun begins to set on the hills.

End of another beautiful day, as God says goodnight.

Good Evening to All. (Or morning to some of you in the eastern time zones.)