Rifle State Park, Rifle Colorado – August 5, 2010

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posted Aug 5, 2010 2:51 PM by Athena Pantekoek   [ updated Aug 7, 2010 12:11 PM ]

    Internet Service here is too poor to get images up. The drive from MOAB to Rifle was uneventful, the Colorado River is Mud brown, does not produce white caps, only brown caps. Reminds me of the sewage treatment plants at home. The mountains are rocky with scrub brush style trees, and there is a lot of industry involving wells that look a lot like natural Gas. We had one truck pass us that had a radio active emblem. Uranium is the mineral of choice from MOAB, saw train loads of it leaving the mines.

Oregon must have the slowest speeds in the continental U.S. We went through several constructions zones where we were required to slow down to 65 or get double fines. Athena was lucky to get the motor home to 65 most of the time.

Rifle Gap Park seems pretty, we are way up in the hills. Athena had to show her expert driving skills getting up to the camp ground, they had a paving machine paving half of what should be a one way road, and we had to drive on the cliff side with no guard rails. A nice construction guy guided us past the paving machine, I am not sure a credit card would fit between us and the machine. We took out a cone or two, but Athena did not feel a thing. We are just glad to be off the road and in our site, the construction crew is glad of that as well.

Travel to Rifle

 Colorado River Dam

 Rocky Mountain

 Tunnel Through Rocky Mountain

 They do not care about population. Just being high

 Our Camp site Rifle Gap

If there are no more posts, it means internet is completely gone, and we will begin posting on the seventh in Denver.