Rolling Shoe Box is a Story About Change

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posted Jun 2, 2010 6:42 PM by Athena Pantekoek 

May 1st 2010, we sold our home and moved into a 2008 32′ Class ‘A’ Safari Passage made by Monoco Corporation. Darin, Athena, our two girls Holly and Sarah, and the cat Princess. Moving from a 1600 Square foot house to a Motor home has been a real adjustment to say the least. We could look at giving up our stick house as a real tragedy due to the fact that selling was forced due to a disabling illness, or we can look at this situation as a real opportunity. Athena and I are choosing to view this as an opportunity for learning and family bonding. Life is too short to waste on negative feelings.

We have been “Camped” in Salem Since May 1, waiting for Holly and Sarah to finish out the school year. Holly Graduates Thursday June 3rd and school is out Friday June 4th for the year. While camped in Salem we have not been bored. The first weekend we hosted a Mothers day Picnic at Champoeg park near Donald Oregon. We stayed there in the motor home and had an extra guest for that trip and the first week of May. We were tight, but we had a good time and survived the sleeping arrangements through true grit.  Our final battle is how to keep our cat happy, and out from inside the dashboard.

The second weekend of May was spent looking at homes in Sun River /Bend area, costs are down throughout Oregon and especially central Oregon. We found a few houses of interest, but nothing that said we could not live without it. We could not spend as much time looking as we would have liked to due to my health, but we accomplished our mission. It was also decided that we would vacation the first couple of weeks of the summer in Sun River as the weather is dry compared to the Willamette Valley, then move on to the Southern Oregon coast.

The Last week of May was spent at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota to work on getting me out of my wheelchair and walking again. This was met with great success, though I am not wholly out of the chair, the hope is over time I will be able to be free of it as stamina is built. I can’t wait to be free of the chair. They say most of my issues are permanent with little chance for recovery, but walking is possible and maybe someday in the next year or so driving, and we shall see from there. Overall the trip to Mayo was a success and the future is brighter. (Thanks to those in the family who helped to make this trip possible.)

In preparation for departure from Salem we purchased a Novatel 2200 MIFI 3-G router to maintain email contact, banking and this website. Stay tuned for future updates. (1 Year later, it is working great!) (update modem caught fire and burned in 2012. Guess it is bad for them to run hot.)

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