Space Needle – July 17, 2010

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Seattle Trip from Paradise

Main event, we were too tired for 4 more

 View of family from the top

 Athena and Holly rest after waiting in line 2hr

Boating alley

 The view that makes Seattle so popular

 Chevron shaped park near the water

The obligatory space needle picture. It would be a sin not to use so there you have it!
One might guess by now, we went to Seattle today, and the weather was beautiful. Traffic was a mess, lots of horns and stuff, people in the city just can’t seem to handle their lifestyle. The really should consider moving to the country where there aren’t many people to enrage them so much. The place was especially busy because everyone in the world knew we were coming and did not want to miss us. They held a whole festival in our honor called the bite of Seattle. I kept looking over my shoulder though to make sure Godzilla was not attending this event, as if he was, I wanted to make sure we were not in his bite.

We had dinner at Black Angus in some unknown town south of Seattle called Federal Way. Tried to have lunch at Pizza Hut, but the one the GPS sent us to, had name change. I also got my hair cut in a rough area of town, just to experience the local scene closeup. It was very interesting, but the kids had to stay out side, the place had interesting posters up, and barbor had lots of corse talk available for my enjoyment, the joke were mildly funny, but I can’t repeat them for fear of prosecution. Made me nervouse when he got the big blade out to shave my neck, but in the end there was only one slice that bothered him.

Well that the end of an inning. Good night.