SW Nebraska and Stone Henge – August 12, 2010

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Stone henge replicated in actual size using cars in Alliance Nebraska. If we have not yet seen everything before now, we may have just seen it. This was worth the drive!
Today was a real interesting day, we saw a portion of the Oregon trail we have not seen before, and will be heading east the rest of the week following the trail to its origination. The surprising thing to learn is just how inaccurate the westerns and a lot of the information we get is. Indians were actually a big help to the emigrants and even acted as guides helping those in trouble cross the plains to the Rockies.  We found out that wagons were circled as corals rather than defense. The Indians did however like to rip out telegraphs, steal horses, and guns where they could. Most of the calamities that befell the settlers were accidents such as accidental gun shots, blowing up of wagons via static electricity, and drinking from the Platte river.

Tonight we had supper at our campground at their steak dinner shindig. We are the only campers, but about a hundred people showed for supper, all local to the area. This place is a great deal, $23.00 a person for supper which included a wagon ride, campfire songs, a couple pound Wood fired steak cooked on the out door grill to each persons liking, Boiled red potatoes, Green beans, and bread. One really could not go wrong stopping here, and they do little or no advertising so there is plenty of space in the campground and for supper. This place is well worth the stop, the state parks here cost just for camping what this place cost for camping and dinner.

Well, I am at the end of my ability to function for today, so that is all we have to offer today.

All places seems to have a peril and evacuation route.

We found the post office

Entry to the Scotts Bluff

Athena and Holly looking over Nebraska and SD

Scotts Bluff

Holly goes out for a better look

Car Henge in Alliance Nebraska (Actual size replica)

Our transportation for supper.

Finally Supper!!

Good evening.