Thank God for Helmets! – July 7, 2010

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July 7, 2010 – Thank God for Helmets!

posted Jul 7, 2010 8:34 PM by Athena Pantekoek

The day started out very warm today, but by mid afternoon, the fog rolled in and we dropped 20 degrees.  The fog is passing by the windows along the hillside at approximately 20 miles per hour now. Holly and Sarah had a hard day today, they went to the club house, and were riding their bikes back as fast as they could down the hill, missed the corner and flipped. Holly dented her helmet and got a headache. Sarah flew on to the road and got a bit of road hash. We went to town and got Holly a new helmet, some lunch, and some supplies. Today I finished talking with the Mayo Clinic about the bill, they had three different billing systems all saying three different things, they promised the problem would be resolved by the end of July. So we wait. The picture on today’s post is a field with white specs in it. They are much larger in person. I asked the kids what they thought it was, and we decided it looked a lot like a marshmallow plantation. It is rather interesting to see hay bales wrapped in plastic out in the field, a new method I am unfamiliar with. Randy’s family was planning to come to New Port today, but we have not yet heard from them.

Well that is all for today, we were busy with injuries, and letters, and other business so we did not do much today.

Good Night