The Braces are off!!!! – July 15, 2010

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July 15, 2010 – The Braces are off!!!!

posted Jul 15, 2010 9:42 PM by Athena Pantekoek   [ updated Jul 15, 2010 10:20 PM ]

Grandpa Bob, we found a cake as old as you in the cake case at the Newberg Dairy Queen!

Wow what a day, we are very tired. Athena drove us to Salem to get the braces off, Lebanon to see her mom, Salem to get the car fixed, while we saw Dad, Zella, and Randy. Then we went to Camping World in Wilsonville, Dairy Queen in Newberg, Loaded the bikes on the car and cleaned up for a morning departure. Talk about a long day.

Salem Saturn Suzuki, did not disappoint us, they came through big time. They promised $850.00 to replace the air conditioning components, and to have the work done in three hours. I asked them to add a new engine drive belt while doing the other work, expecting about $900.00 total. They called in 3 hours, with the work done. The bill was $750.00. $150.00 less than the expected minimum, done on time, the air conditioner working flawlessly and the car freshly washed. Great work guys!!! (If only you saw this and knew how much good honest work is appreciated.). Sure wish GM had not junked Saturn.

The small towns are fun to drive to, Banks almost had one less Hillbilly as he pulled out right in front of Athena. Fortunately for Banks, we stopped in time. Really this guy was right out of Beverly, I bet his name was Jed or something. Long Beard (Oh yes, I forgot Jed Clampett used to shave, but his truck looked the part.). I bet he could teach one how to make really good shine.

Lots of motorcyclist speeding around darting in and out of oncoming traffic. Summer must be good for the organ loaner program.

Running hard

 Leaving Banks Oregon 6am

 Holly Shows off no braces in Starbucks in Lebanon

 Holly Possesses Sarah in Starbucks for a picture.

 Leaving Lebanon, I did not misspell in the last pic.

 Leaving Salem, getting closer to dinner. 🙂

 Dinner time, Athena gets us dinner… Yum!!

 Don’t want to be this guy!!!

 I guess he still has one friend. 🙂

 Sarah gets wired at Dairy Queen

A Really Old cake in the cooler!!!

Good Evening