They say it rains all the time – July 10th

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Another warm July day in Oregon, and they say it rains all the time. Hmm.

Went to church today in Hillsboro Oregon Seventh Day Adventist Church. We found it on the internet last night, a great web site, but we could not find the simple details such as the time of the service. Another strange thing about the website, it has an advertisement “Get your pastoral degree today” I selected the link, and was taken to a baptist theological degree program. oops! wrong religion.  Not sure Adventist doctrine and Baptist Doctrine are 100 percent compatible.  The pastor of the church is very friendly and knowledgeable, presided over communion, (A very odd ritual in our opinion. People try to emulate the humility of Jesus and the disciples by washing each others feet, eating strange bread and drinking juice. Many churches do the bread and juice thing in remembering the physical sacrifice on the cross and what the price for our sin is, but I think God had another kind of communion in mind that is much deeper in relation to him, our selves, and others . I think the foot washing was more intended as a metaphor to teach every generation to help people regardless of status. Nobles being hospitable to peasants, and for our society learning to live across the social classes without disdain; as we are all God’s children.) There I go wandering away from the topic again. The pastor had just attended the General Conference in Atlanta, the event was very impressive and was attended by people from around the world, and he was proud of his Romanian heritage. That made the slides much more interesting as they came from his view point rather than the pictures that would normally be published. There were other friendly members in this church as well, we met people from lots of places doing lots of neat things. If I were to settle into a home church, I would try this one out.

After church, we made our way back to the park, checked on the cat, fired up the air conditioners and headed off on a walk in the trees. It was just beautiful out on the trail. We got back and had new neighbors on our left, looked like they may have kids, but we did not meet them, they went inside when Sarah said something about them having a cheap trailer. Oops! Sarah, meant to tell me the trailer was nice, and looked as though it was of a less expensive variety and therefore more enjoyable because it cost less. I hate how much trouble we get into by mistaken comments.

Later, I BBQ’s corn lathered in Butter and crushed garlic. Holly had hers raw and un-adulterated, but the rest of us enjoyed it cooked.  Well that is all there is for another wonderful Sabbath day on the edge of the big valley. See the pictures under pictures and notes.

Good night.