Train Museum Golden Colorado‚ÄďAugust 8, 2010

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Red Rock Amphitheater was the first thing on the venue today. The amphitheater is only 2 miles from our camp, and is on a hill over looking Denver. The place seats 5000, and was created in a make work project in the 40’s. The visitors center is nice and nearly every known top musician has played here.

After leaving the Red Rock Amphitheater, we ventured on to the better side of Golden. (We found it Golden does have a better side. It is located next to the Coors Brewery.). After passing the brewery up, we arrived at the Colorado Train museum which is an excellent museum with nearly all exhibits being out doors. They served food from a cart at a reasonable price. Athena and I shared a Philly Steak Sandwich at $6.00. The girls had Hot Dogs, holly as normal tossed half of hers.
The trains were cool, we saw mail trains, old steamers, and some diesels. They even constructed a working round house for repair and rebuilding of the trains. This place is not a place to pass up if one is a train fanatic. They have HO, G, Narrow gauge, and standard gauge all in one location.

Red Rock – Amphitheater (5000 seats)

Close-up of Red Rock

Sarah way down there performing on stage.

An interesting site on the way to the rail road museum

1/10th of the brewery

Dedication plaque for the train engine used at Coors

Coors engine. The beer might be light, but the engine?

Rio Grand Engine

Average passenger car

A really strange train

Transporting your mail

Train Robbery in Oregon, where the mail car was blown to bits!

Setting the stage for tomorrows journey

Basic Cog Wheel info

This engine was special order

All engines seem to come from here.

Have a good evening and a good night