Walcott State Park – July, 29, 2010

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We found our roots in Walcott lake; looking at this picture, you will see, that they are harboring primordial soup; I even saw a snake slither out. I guess the evolutionist do have proof if they don’t study or think too hard.

We had the longest mileage drive of our trip so far 324 miles, 50 of which were not freeway. That is the opposite of what we had been doing to date, as we only logged 100 miles of freeway to date, before this mornings run. We had to leave Paul, the visit was nice, but too short really. Hopefully he makes his winter run to LA in the fall.

We drove up the freeway, gas has been getting less expensive the further east we drive, so that is encouraging as we are going to run out the tank just in time to find a gas station.

Once we arrived at Walcott State Park in Idaho, we got halfway up a one way road to our camp site and there was a road closed sign. We had to disconnect the car and back the RV and the car down separately. I tried to flag down a park ranger to find out if the campground was closed or what the deal was, but he only waved back at me and smiled. Dense!!!!! or Shy!!!!

I walked back to the park store and asked a park person outside what was up, and he said the park is closed today and tonight for paving. I entered the store and asked the person at the computer what was going on, and she said they were paving the campground and were running late. She advised us to hang out, so we hung out three hours and took a walk down to the lake and tested the play equipment. Our verdict was the lake is nice, and since only Sarah had not  fell off the play equipment, it was safe as well.

At 6pm we got parked in our campsite, and are in a brand new paved area, first ones to use the site, can’t go out, the asphalt is wet, and the motor home is brown with draconian mosquitoes. Never seen so many in our lives. We thank God we can run the air conditioner, it is quieter than complaints about mosquito bites.

Lake Walcott

 Idaho from I-84

 Idaho – Irrigation canal

 Idaho – Hay industry

Idaho – in the RV / Thankful -4- air conditioning
 Idaho – Our campground (Really it is ours)

 A spy sent by a government to observe us. (Idaho?)

 Lake Walcott

 An Adult Teeter Totter

Well that kills another day! Have a good evening