Saint Louis

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This is an incredible work, hard to believe it stands up. We rode an elevator car to the top, the car was about 4′ tall X 4′ wide by 4′ deep and seats five. This is the ultimate of claustrophobia, and I thought cat scans were bad. Against my better judgment, we climbed in and took the four minute ride to the top. There are little slits for windows, but one can see forever as this behemoth is 600 and some feet tall.  The arch has a basement, in the basement, is a museum of national history which was awesome. There were little brown plaques on the outer wall giving a year by year play by play of major events that occurred in the formation of our nation. They also had a great Oregon trail and Lewis and Clark exhibit. There are two theaters, but they had a hefty toll to use, so we skipped those.  I could have spent a day in the museum, but Holly and Sarah and Athena felt two hours was sufficient so we walked out side in the 90 degree humid heat to get lunch.. The riverboat cafe on the Arch property has wonderful bourbon chicken sandwiches.)

We then walked to the court house, but it was being remodeled, so Athena and the girls had to go to the bathroom in the Hyatt while I kept watch. I enjoyed the Hyatt, they have great air conditioning!

I also learned by watching that parking next to yellow curbs is illegal, and 10,000 people can be wrong. The traffic officer was rather grumpy as he was writing tickets, I told him he looked like he had job security. He did not seem amused, so I let the grumpy law man go on his way. I got the idea, that he hates his job, probably his wife, and everything else in life. Glad I am not him!

We used the GPS to go to our campground from the arch, that was a mistake, I got mad at it and wanted to throw it out the window. Every since I downloaded the last map update, it has given us wrong directions 100% of the time. So after ditching the #@#@ GPS, I used the force to guide Athena back to our camp. The force would have worked too, had hwy 3 not been closed and detoured. Some jerk removed the last arrow from the last detour sign and we were led right into the first Black township in the USA! Brooklyn Illinois, if I were the black community, I would probably not advertise their ownership of the town, this place is (bad,ugly, painted, burned out, and otherwise unfit for humanity. We accidentally toured all of it.) We are wondering if they had large riots due to the number of burned out and abandoned homes, and the number of standing homes that people are living in, but should be abandoned.

Standing at the base looking up the Arch.

 Looking into the car that takes us up

 Sarah and Holly look at the city below

 Holly in the arch hallway. 630′ up

 Founders of the Arch

 Sarah looking for a way back to Oregon

Mississippi on the side walk. All the cars in this picture got a ticket for parking!

 Holly said the wicked witch of the west attends this church, but she hopes to over throw the witch and take her place. Holly like the idea of ruling the west.

 At the end of the day one can get dinner, laundry detergent, coke and JD. Then relax in front of the laundry machine. Holly surmised that easy access to liquer, may be the chief cause of the disorder called “Liberalism”)

Good Evening and Good Night.