Whitefield New Hampshire

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September 2, 2010 – Travel to Whitefield New Hampshire

Turning LeafWe made it to Whitefield New Hampshire today using 20 miles of interstate today, but the other 200 were on mountain roads where the streams, the rocks, trees and lots of dead people are. It was a pretty drive, and rather uneventful. The roads were interesting, Vermont never let the secondary roads get over 50 MPH and held us at 35 – 40 most of the time even when there were no towns present. The Vermont State police patrols were out in force. The roads were in good shape, and gas was $2.50 a gallon. We crossed into New Hampshire just after crossing the Connecticut river, Gas is about $2.70 a gallon and the roads are in terrible condition and extremely narrow, in some places we were allowed to do 55mph, but the roads were so torn up we did not dare. The creek through the mountain range was very pretty though.

We are now at the KOA, the kids like to pool, and intermittent internet access is available so Holly and Sarah are happy. We were looking at going to the flume state park, Mount Washington state park tomorrow, those two parks would set us back $100.00 to visit with the state park fee, and metered parking. We figure we might see Mount Washington it is the cheaper of the parks at $30.00 plus parking. Due to the cost of the parks we checked into a year pass, but for our family it would be $550, for a family of four in New Hampshire it would be $450.00 or $300 if both kids are under 11 years old.  I guess only the wealthy enjoy the park systems in New Hampshire and Maine. I have one peice of advice to America, never vote in a new tax no matter how small as it will grow.  Look what they did to the State Parks! The private campgrounds are a bargain here. Believe it or not, New York and New Hampshire have privatized a lot of the park system and it is worse than the parks that are government run for cost.

I am dead tired, so will write more fun stuff tomorrow, rather than this boring stuff about the lame state governments.

Good evening and Good Night..