Athena’s Birthday, failure

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September 11, 2010 – Athena’s Birthday, failure

American Woman

Today is Athena’s B-day, we baked a cake at 400 degrees for 25 minutes and got a chocolate rock! Yup, I did it again, another dessert that requires a jack hammer to eat, but this crowed was tougher than the cake. We tried to tour Fort Knox, but there was some special event today, and no parking was available in walking distance, so I got the bright Idea of driving to northern Maine. We saw about 100 little towns having town festivals, must be the last weekend Mainenites can venture outside as everyone was outside. Every city and park was infested with humans.  After a while we got bored of going north, and headed back to camp eating home brewed Mesquite smoked chicken strips. The girls are hyper and writing the blog and stuff are a bit more complicated than normal as a result, so here we call it a night.

Good Evening and Good Night….