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September 8, 2010 – Drive to Bangor to run errands

Inline suspension bridge
Funky Bridge
Island Bridge, suspension right down the middle. (Bucksworth, ME) Had to go to Bangor today wanted to get the car fixed, vacuumed, GPS repairs, kids clothes, Laundry, and some books. The kids were difficult to motivate, got Bangor about dinner time, got our books, had supper and headed back to Bar Harbor. Car cut me off on the exit to Bucksworth, next exit was 15 miles south. I took that one and took the short cut through Winterport. Found a car wash, so we vacuumed the car, Athena took all the trash out and set it next to the car while I vacuumed. When I was done vacuuming, I through away the trash put the mats back and we headed to Elsworth, the next stop about an hour down the road. Upon arrival into Elsworth she discovered we no longer had Our new books from Bangor. I had mistaken our shopping bags for trash! So we drove back to Winterport, and Athena graciously sorted through the trash can for our bags  with the books. She was able to retrieve the books. That was pretty much the day, I lost the camera so I will have to post pictures later on when I locate it.

Have a good evening and a good night… I am going to bed before I mess something else up.