Bar Harbor Maine

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September 7, 2010 – Arrive in Bar Harbor Maine

Slower Pace
Exploring bar harbor at a slower pace

We start out the day taking our tour at a slower pace by taking a canoe out on Toddy Pond. This is the first trip the kids can remember canoeing. We also saw many Loons on the water today, but could not get them close enough to photograph. After this relaxing trip, we packed up and headed for Bar Harbor.

The drive was short, but wicked. The closer we came to this resort city the more suicidal the people became. Cars did not appear to even look before crossing the road. It is a good thing people in the through roads are quick with the brakes! We had little trouble, Athena drove and stayed back from the crazies and we watched the entertainment. When we ventured out for the mail in Bar Harbor, the town was packed, one could hardly drive through. We were told by the locals, that we picked the perfect time of the year, as no one is here. I hate to even imagine what last weekend was like.

Our internet here is miserable at best, so there are no pictures today, though I would like to post some of the lake. If no more blogs are done between now and the 15th, it means our internet became unusable

Toddy pond
We wake up Toddy pond


Bar Harbor Narrows
Bar Harbor Narrows

Good Evening and Good Night!.