Barrien Spring Michigan (Andrews Adventist University)

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    This picture says it all, the wise will pass down a legacy of leadership! Our children are our future and need to be educated in the way we should go. We found this statue at the front of the prayer hall at Andrews university in Barrien Springs. 

Today was a hard run, not too many miles, just a lot of traffic and a few secondary roads through Chicago to avoid the tolls. We made it to the camp ground just fine though, got setup and instantly made the molds for the manufacturer who is going to make another retainer for Holly’s braces. Once the molds were created we had to rush to the post office as we are in a new time zone and the post office was about to close. When we left the post office, I forgot how we got there and drove out of the town the wrong way, and forgot how we got out of town. We then discovered we had no maps nor the GPS with us and I had us way out in the hinterlands. I had to use the force, to guide us back to camp, fortunately the force was with us and we arrived back with no problems and got a tour of western Michigan as a bonus.

We ran in tot he RV grabbed our GPS, some water, and the camera and headed to Andrews University. The GPS got us close to the university, but not quite. The GPS lead us to a nice little Salloon and insisted we were at Andrews University. I thought maybe it could be the meeting place the clergy uses when creating doctrine. Why not relax, drink a little, play a little cards and other things one does to acquire visions and draft sermons. OOPS! I got the wrong clergy, I think it is Oral Roberts that does that. Hmm… 

Well after a break behind the saloon, we decided a second search was in order for a real University and real clergy. We were not disappointed, Andrews is a large school with lots of areas of study. The building were old like many university campuses and many were newer, the church building was impressive, and the campus was bustling with students getting to know each other, some socially and other a bit more and are less shy than one one would like.

Well that is all we have for Today.

Have a good evening.