Boston and a Boat

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September 16, 2010 – Boston


Long day today, we took the car and got it washed! It looked like we had been using it for four wheeling due to the muddy roads up north. We also got it into Saturn for an oil change and to get it looked at since the check engine light is on and the engine is knocking and the transmission is shifting hard. We found the O2 sensor is dead, but they can’t get one without doing a nation wide search, but can probably be fixed for a couple hundred bucks. The second problem though is the Hybrid systems is dead, and the batteries are dead. Parts are also not available any time soon, and they do not know where to acquire those either, but we should expect about three thousand to repair that stuff. We need new breaks, but I am afraid to ask how long it will take to find replacement rotors.  In the end, the car has fresh oil, and still goes down the road, so I will make some phone calls and see if there is another repair facility that is more optimistic about parts.We ditched the car in BrainTree and caught the light rail into Boston, the kids thought that was interesting. We arrived in Park st. area in front of the Old State house. I in my clumsy way tested the firmness of the Boston soil, and yes it is harder than my head. Since walking did not seem to be my Forte` today, we took the trolley tour to the Charles River in Cambridge. (I can’t believe Ron graduated from such a liberal school.) The boat tour was nice, the funniest thing we learned is the Harvard statue is all lies. They never knew what Mr. Harvard looked like, so they just made a statue. Mr. Harvard did not found Harvard, he only donated the land. Harvard was founded two years before the statue claims it was. The fact about the statue that is real good: Every year the out going class urinates on the foot of the statue, and students love to get tourists to hold onto the foot for photos. (Even Harvard has its pranksters. They will never hold a candle to the MIT students though.) A number of years back Harvard hosted a ball game against Yale. MIT thought it would be fun to disrupt the game as normal, but not in the normal fashion.  Rumor has it that a few MIT students got together several days before the game and dressed in a black and white uniforms with whistles and ran out to ball field tossing bread crumbs. They did this every evening until game day. On game day, the ref’s in their black and white uniforms ran out on to the field and were mauled by pigeons, which delayed the game about 20 minutes. (True or untrue, I don’t know, but I loved the story. Who would have thought a bunch of engineers from MIT would have known about Pavlov.)

We headed out of Boston at 4:30pm this afternoon planning to be back to the RV by about 6. Well, things did not work out as planned. We had to catch the Red line from the park district to the financial district, change trains and head back to Braintree. Normally a simple and routine procedure. I guess some young black gang types wanted to stir things up a bit.  We made it to south station, and got out, just before no one was allowed out. They asked everyone to not go anywhere and said we had an emergency situation. Then they announced the back car locked until the police arrived and we had to wait for a police action. We decided that the train was not going anywhere any time soon; since our next train needed the same track, we would be spending time here, so we left and went for a walk. We waited until it looked like the trains were moving, and headed back. Just as we got back in there were police cars (Mostly unmarked with lights and sirens) closing in from every where. The police had our fine perpetrators all lined up along the wall, but one must have slipped out. The police were taking names and ID from lots of folks as whiteness. Holly was disspapointed that we did not see what happened, I was dissapointed that it took us 4 hours to get back to the RV 16 miles out of down town. I was glad we did not see nor know what happened, ignorance in my opinion at some moments in time can be bliss. Too late tonight to post today’s pictures, too tired.

Have a good evening if you have any left, and a good night….