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Cleveland’s skyline is impressive, but it is not Chicago. Just as scary to drive through in the RV, but the scary part is shorter. Cleveland dumps its freeway into town, makes a person take several turns and merge on several more freeway size roads before placing a person back on the original freeway. If they are promoting tourism it worked, it was definitely the tourist route. Most towns route the freeway around not directly in. Cars did a little better, they got a short stop through town, bigger vehicles like ours had to jog through town a bit more. We passed several tourist traps like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We did not stop becuase it was town, and I hate driving in town, and Holy would not recognize even one name. She does not even like Credence!, and thinks Elvis is some fat old guy with good hair who old people like.

After gleefully leaving Cleveland we headed to our park in Jefferson. The park is nice, with a nice lake behind the RV, we had to back in so that we can pretend it is not there and enjoy the view of the RV’s across the road. The park is still nice, and it is quiet (Or was quiet until we arrived.).

Did the normal after getting school work done for the day and went to Walmart for groceries, then to the city park for a walk by the lake. I sure can’t understand why it is not called an ocean, as it sure looks like one. The water is very warm, and full of dead fish.

We are too tired for anything more tonight, sleep did not happen last night either.

Good evening and good night….

Traveling through farm land. Very flat here.

We traveled through Cleveland, scary, but interesting. Road was narrow, busy, and turns were hard for our rig.

Bridge across the road off the highway to our campground. We are 12′ high, the bridge 10’8″ at the center. We had to take another route.

We ventured to a city park behind Walmart in Madison and found lake Eerie. Sure looks like an ocean.

 Holly at the lake

 Wife and kids in front of the Eerie lake

Trail to the beach. This is really tall grass.

 View of the beach. Very small beach here. The water is very warm.

Lots of Gays, Lesbians, and these fish on land and water. The beach really stinks! Too bad too, it is pretty otherwise.