Fall is coming

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September 25, 2010 – Fall is coming, but only the trees would know it.


Fall Colors

Today was a hot summer day of 90 degrees, one would think the season would never end, but the beautiful colors in the trees are telling us another story. Athena and the kids went to the water park here at the campground, I hung out and rested until the heat was past. We then went and played mini golf in the campground course.  This golf course though not as elaborate as the last, had to be one of the most difficult ones we ever played. The leaf hazards on the course compounded the difficulty of the game greatly. After about 9 holes, Holly; upset over the fact that I wanted everyone to turn in early for the night and for her not to cook more food or make cookies was rather indignant and went off to find a better class of losers, leaving us to finish the game alone. Holly was not terribly successful, as there were no better losers to hangout with and spent the next hour alone. We will be up and out of here at 4:30am to catch the New York Tour bus in Platteskill, NY. $350, says we will get out at 4:30.

Have a good evening and a good day….