Franconia Notch

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September 5, 2010 – Franconia Notch

Kid in a rock We took an easy day today, Holly stayed at the RV and watched Hardy Boys Re-runs all day while Athena, Sarah and I visited Franconia Notch “Flume Gorge.” It was a pretty walk, and all I could do at 2 miles. If I die before the end of the trip, I probably walked myself to death! The park was over built and over priced to match. That being said, it was interesting to see. They must do a great job with advertising, there are people here from every corner of the globe. The people ahead of us were from Nepal, and the people behind us spoke German. See the pictures on Pictures and Notes for a better description of the trip.

The rest of the day we spent doing relaxing stuff like laundry, cleaning the floors, baking cookies, eating philly steak, and looking at finding a way to get in and out of New York City for less than one hundred fifty dollars a day for the four of us using the Jersey mass transit system. These East coast people must be made of money! Amtrack was $300.00 a day from Lancaster, PA. We will have to keep working on the cost puzzle for transportation.

Again, not much going on, even less to report today. Tomorrow we might go to Maine.

FranconiaNotch AthenaAndSarahEnterTheWolvesDen

Twin Mountatin
Storm coming for us
The Pool
The Pool
Sarah gets a chance to lie down
Sarah gets a chance to lie down
Sarah Glacier Boulder
Sarah Glacier Boulder
Old Pine Bridge
Old Pine Bridge Made from One Pine Tree That Stood At This Location
Granite River Bed
Granite River Bed, no wonder this stuff is free here.

Good evening and Good night!