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August 28, 2010 – A day of rest, then a trip to the lake

We almost missed it! We searched for the lake so we could watch the sunset, but all the parks were privately owned by housing communities. We found a public park in the last few minutes, so Sarah holds the sun up just a bit longer so we could enjoy the sunset a little more before dark.

Really, we chose to have a lazy day today. We studied the book of Hebrews 1st five chapters today, played the piano, did laundry, and BBQ corn and potatoes. After supper we cleaned up and set out to find the longest covered bridge in the world, and see the sunset over Lake Eerie. The bridge was not so impressive, but the sunset was incredible. We also ended up in the town of Geneva where all the wanna be bikers and bar hoppers are on Saturday nights.  Cute town, but I would not live there on weekend, it is a rough crowed and a mob scene.

Well not much more to Report, next blog will come from Buffalo New York. (I hope)

Good night…